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About DocumentPro

DocumentPro is a cloud-based document automation platform that helps companies automate data capture from digital, scanned or hand-written documents using GPT-powered parsers.

Some use cases include#

  • Financial document processing
  • Identity document verification
  • Extraction of short contracts

Powerful capabilities#

  • Many pre-built parsers for common documents like invoices
  • Create your own parsers with our parser builder or API
  • Already works with many languages and we'll continue adding more
  • Works with digital, scanned or hand-written PDF or Image files
  • Does automatic data formatting and data verification
  • Integrations with third-party tools with API or Zapier

A few notable benefits#

  • Handles varying document layouts with accuracy
  • Can easily extract non-standard fields, tables, lists with custom parsers
  • No model training or creating complex templates

Some ways to use DocumentPro#

  • Use the DocumentPro web application
  • Integrate using our REST API
  • Get document extracts to your Webhook
  • Export document extracts to your Google Drive
  • Import documents into DocumentPro using Email Forwarding